[ic] sql-query sum fields

Jure Kodzoman kodzoman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 05:37:22 EST 2005

I am rather new to Interchange. 
I really like the concept, and I've been testing IC for some time now.
I have a question though. Following is the example of the problem.

I try to do the following using query tag:
"SELECT code, name, (bed_a + bed_b) AS beds FROM test where beds >
[scratch beds] AND area = [scratch area]" for example

The problem is the (bed_a + bed_b) part. 
I am using gdbm, i thought the problem might be me using gdbm instead of
real sql?
How do i solve this problem without switching to real sql?

Best regards,

Jure Kodzoman

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