[ic] ITL in item comments.

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Feb 9 08:36:59 EST 2005

On 02/09/05 02:15, Davor Ocelic wrote:
>>3.  I doubt it, but will ask anyways:  Is there a way to limit them so 
>>they can only use the page and area tags?
> Don't doubt. See [restrict] tag ;-)

That looks like exactly what I need, but I can't quite figure out how to 
use it from the documentation on the RTFM sit.  It says it's not a 
container tag which doesn't make much sense to me and the example is for 
a different tag entirely.  I can't find the source for the tag to figure 
out how it works from that either.

Is the restrict tag used to allow ceartain tags to be input by ceartain 
users, or does it restrict which tags can be output in a block of code 
on an page irregardless of who entered the data being output?  How does 
it work?

Thanks again,


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