[ic] Failed Payment Processing

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Thu Feb 10 22:31:09 EST 2005

> On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Jon wrote:
> > This has happened a few times now and would like to figure out why.
> > At this point I'm not sure which direction to begin looking.
> >
> > I see a double/duplicate charge for an order at the payment gateway
> > (Echo) so I know the CC processing completes. And probably a resubmit by
> > the customer to finally get the order through.  However, in the cart's
> > error.log I see 'Safe: Real-time charge failed.' and 'Error during
> > creation of order routing log' In the routing log file I see 'There was
> > an error accepting payment: Real-time charge failed. Reason:'
> >
> > but no reason information provided. To me this seems like a disconnect
> > between the payment gateway responding and IC waiting for a response
> > such as a time out.
> Check the interchange-users list archives for "Perl signals problems"
> and/or "PERL_SIGNALS" and "MaxServers". Most payment gateways are called
> as a subprocess from Interchange, and sometimes there are signals problems
> that cause the subprocess to die too soon. You can configure Perl and
> Interchange to avoid the signals problems and often that makes such
> mysterious errors go away.
> Jon
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    Appreciate the pointer Jon !!  Searching on  "Perl signals problems"
yielded a number of hits and the information at this link seems most

The server is currently set in low traffic mode.  Based on my symptoms as I've
described and from what I read at that above link in particular and other
links referencing MaxServers 0  I think my first test is to change to RPC and
set MaxServers 0.  Does that sound very reasonable in your opinion ?
Since this problem is intermittent additional assurances are very welcome.

Again thanks Jon


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