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Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Mon Feb 14 13:17:53 EST 2005

Tito wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am creating a store on IC to sell car parts.  I was in the Miscellaneous 
> section under "legacy layout" entering my categories.  I would like to know 
> if there is a way to add sub-categories.  For example:  If I am going to have 
> a section called "engine components" and in that section I have a category 
> called "pistons" then I need another section under "pistons" that will expand 
> to "pistons brand", then "car model" and so on...obviously I can't just have 
> one category and have people click on "piston" and have them look through the 
> entire piston section for their car make/model/year....any help would be 
> appreciated
> Thanks
> Tito


I'm not entirely sure, I was intriqued by your post and began poking 
around a test/demo catalog to see if this is do-able. It would appear 
that the first step would be you'd need to add the necessary fields to 
the products database table first, and then modify the UI page to 
accomodate the additional db fields.

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