[ic] Running IC Under Heavy Load

Bryan Gmyrek bryangmyrek at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 15:48:20 EST 2005


I'm starting a new project and will have something like a database with 
a million 'products' or more and at least a million unique visitors (so 
say like 10 million 'hits') a day ... but it won't actually be a store 
so none of the e-commerce functions of IC are needed.
What I'm worried about is will IC be able to handle that load on, say a 
dual xeon, 2gb ram box?  Or alternatively will it be able to handle 
that load better or as well as comparable applications.  Testimonials 
would be great! :)
One thing that worries me in particular is my current high traffic site 
(100,000 'hits' a day and 100,000 products) has trouble on dual xeon a 
box with 3gb ram sometimes...
not that the load factor is very high (usually around 1) but there are 
often 'unexplained' 500 errors in my logs and my only explanation is 
that these are from times when load is too high (spikes in traffic).  
Plus on this site I use the timed build feature and also serve search 
engine spiders static cached pages to reduce the load.
My partner on the new site is extremely skeptical of IC because it 
doesn't support threads but I'm trying to convince him that there are 
good reasons (dbi problems right?).
Anyway I'm sure you all understand why I want to use IC instead of 
starting from scratch ;)

Bryan Gmyrek

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