[ic] ITL in item comments.

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sun Feb 20 12:35:43 EST 2005

Quoting Peter (peter at pajamian.dhs.org):
> On 02/09/05 21:19, Peter wrote:
> >Can someone answer my first question about how to prevent the UI from 
> >converting [ into [ for non-superusers?  As long as the UI is doing 
> >that they can't use the page or area tags regardless of what else I do, 
> >nor can they even edit items that I put the page or area tags in (as 
> >superuser).
> This is actually ver important, so if someone has any kind of an answer 
> please let me know.  This is what I've looked at so far:
> I've checked the source and found that there's a few ways that this can 
> happen:
> The textarea_put filter does it.
> The ed sub does it unless the safe_data pragma is set.
> the show_tags sub does it if type=interchange is set (or if type is not 
> set at all).
> the value-extended tag does it unless the enable_itl option is set.
> the value tag always does it.
> The thing is that none of the above seem to check for superuser first, 
> so I'm figuring that the check for superuser is somewhere else, then one 
> of the above is done conditionally.
> So I've grepped in key areas for 'super' and for other key words, and 
> could not find anything that looks like it could be causing this 
> anywhere.  I've tried setting [pragma safe_data] in item_edit.html and 
> that doesn't work either.  I've tried following the code from 
> item_edit.html to the table-editor tag to wherever I could think to go 
> and nothing.
> I'm at my wits end here, can someone please give me a clue about where 
> to look and what to do to prevent the UI from changing [ into [ in 
> item comments for non-superusers?

It looks like you did your research....

You must have the no_html function set for your user. Check the
"functions" field of the access table for that user for "no_html".
Otherwise it should work fine.

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