[ic] Safari browser problem

Trung Nguyen TNguyen at palliser.ca
Tue Feb 22 13:04:11 EST 2005

try collection then Upholstery.


>>> rob at prometheusmedia.com 02/22/05 11:27AM >>>

On Feb 22, 2005, at 9:32 AM, Trung Nguyen wrote:

> hi IC group,
> I have a little glitch with Safari browser and hope some one could help
> me with this.
> On the result page, we display m of n items, IC auto creates the next 
> page link to display the next set of results. Safari has no problem 
> displaying the first page; however, when users click on the next link 
> they will get
> no page found error. Here is the link you can try: http://www.eq3.ca 
> Also this problem does not occur on IE/Netscape/Mozilla.
> Thanks for any help/hints.
> TNguyen

Using Safari, I have not been able to bring up a page of "stuff" that 
has a link to a page with more "stuff". Is there a secret trick to 
getting more then a single page of "stuff" ?


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