[ic] UI and display of product images in UI::item edit page

Andrew Rich andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au
Wed Feb 23 09:18:40 EST 2005

> > Peter wrote:
> >
> >> On 02/17/05 05:25, Niels Svennekjær wrote:
> >>
> >>> How can I replace [cgi item_id] with to get the products:image
> >>> instead ?
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Try [field name=image code="[cgi item_id]"]
> >
> >
> >
> > Sorry, don't work, it says "Restricted tag" in the log
> > It seams that 'field' and 'data' are restricted there.
> I just stumbled across this when doing something unrelated, hence the
> late reply.  Try adding field to the list of "Allow these ITL Tags"
> under the General tab for "Configure table display: products" which
> get to by clicking the "item editor" link in the upper left corner of
> the item editor.  Not sure but I think that will work.
> Peter

I just had another look at my attempt and found it worked without this
Allowed Tags.  I did do it on one site and it worked so I tried on
another without this setting and it still worked.  Not sure why but this
is the code from that area as per someones previous post.

    <table id=images_table>
        <tr class=rmarq>
             <td><a href="javascript:mvpan_tripTab(2)">[image src="[var
IMAGE_DIR]/items/[field name=image code='[cgi item_id]']"
extra="border=0 id=item_img"]</a></td>
             <td><a href="javascript:mvpan_tripTab(2)">[image src="[var
IMAGE_DIR]/thumb/[field name=thumb code='[cgi item_id]']"
extra="border=0 id=thumb_img"]</a></td>

Andrew Rich
Maps Downunder

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