[ic] restricting orders to US only...

Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Wed Feb 23 12:42:39 EST 2005

Steve wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I'd like to restrict orders made on Interchange to the US only. How do I
>>do that?
> One simple way is to remove all shipping options from the Country database
> file for the non-us destinations, or for countries you don't intend to ship
> to. The default catalog setup I used has most countries listed with XPR and
> XPD.
> You could also change the checkout page to not show any country destination
> options.
> You can also query some commercial databases for the physical location of an
> IP address, but I'd start with above first.
> Just my two cents worth...
> Best regards,
> Steve

Hi Steve,

I removed all the shipmodes for all entries in the country db table, 
(we're using mysql) except for the US entry and on the development 
server it still allows the order to be processed. Is there something 
more that needs to be done? I'm assuming there are other settings that 
need to be tweaked, yes?

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