[ic] restricting orders to US only...

Steve icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Feb 23 18:17:57 EST 2005

> ah! I hadn't considered that. We're using IC 5.2.
> --
> Mark

Hello Mark,

My system is on 4.8.x so I'm not sure if the checkout routine has changed,
but I used the following code close to where the checkout page displays the
S&H amount:

    [seti mv_sh][shipping noformat=1][/seti]

The following code will not allow the place order button to display
if shipping is less that 1

[if type=explicit compare="[calc][scratch mv_sh] < 1[/calc]"]
      <b> Please verify your ship to address, and zip code then click
recalculate to see available shipping options.
 blah...blah...not currently processing international shipment....</b>
		text="Place Order"
<br><br>Click <b>Place Order</b> to complete this order.

Of course there may be a better way.... IC doesn't restrict you in any

Good Luck.


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