[ic] Empty mysql database?

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Wed Feb 23 20:51:39 EST 2005

> I can tell you makecat in Debian is not broken; it does what it is supposed to do.
> You either used it incorrectly, or just didnt notice that makecat isn't actually
> supposed to create the database; the database is created when you first run
> Interchange, and not during makecat phase.

Just fixed the problem - it is a Debian bug. Makecat creates the catalog 
definition inside the test for USE_FOUNDATION.

I ran dpkg-reconfig interchange-cat-foundation where I told it not to create the 
foundation catalog for me - instead to use makecat. (Wouldn't it have been 
simpler to just use an include of the foundation catalog definition instead of a 

Interchange loads the database after makecat - when you restart interchange 
daemon - not realizing this I though makecat was failing to load the database.

I see others got my message - strange the list didn't send me a copy of my 
message ???

(Just got Interchange::Link working --  more info at:

Still need to figure out how to  get rid of some cgi references in 
shops/shop/catalog.cfg  Part of an ActionMAp? -  (too steep a learning curve 
here for an old man with a bad cold <grin>)

Anyone have any advise on updating the real site from a local test server as 
changes get made?  Seems like it will be messy SQL work?

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