[ic] active metatag question

AquariumPlants.com Webmaster del at aquariumplant.com.org
Thu Feb 24 11:50:43 EST 2005

Hi all and thanks in advance,

Is it possible to do this?

I have split the META_TAG variable up into 3 variables.  The first and last 
are flat text entries.  The middle one I'm trying to get to generate a meta 
description off of the category::product::description field in the db.  I 
have this working fine for the html title tag.

<title>[either][scratchd CUSTOM_TITLE][or][scratchd page_title]</title>

__Metafirst__ [tmp][scratchd MetaDescription][/tmp] __Metalast__

[tmp browser][data session browser][/tmp]
[if scratch browser =~ /MSIE/]
[elsif scratch browser =~ /Gecko/]
[elsif scratch browser =~ /Opera]



Before I start banging my head against the wall somebody please tell me what 
I'm missing here.



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