[ic] Multiple vendors posible solution.

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 25 07:39:38 EST 2005

Hi list,
I was thinking for a way to have multiple suppliers, have a functional 
single store front, and each supplier be able to upload products without 
seeing the other suppliers products.

Using any relational database you can have one table per supplier then 
define a view for the products, that way it is invisible for IC the supplier 
table, IC only is able to see the products table (view), then define rules 
for update, and insert, in a way that depending in the primary key (sku) the 
product is placed in the apropiate supplier table.
Define users in the admin, that can access only one supplier table, that way 
each supplier can upload their products, and manage them without knowing 
there are other suppliers.

Any commments, drawbacks?

Daniel Castro.

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