[ic] Threaded perl (re: debian bug #203579)

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Sat Feb 26 17:52:29 EST 2005

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Jamie Neil (jamie at versado.net):

> What would you have us do? When it works, it works. We have nothing
> in Interchange which needs to be done that we know of. If there is
> something, please, please tell us what it is.

I think the bug is in the libdbi-perl package? There is no bug even reported in 
the current or closed Debian bug reports? How is it going to get fixed if they 
don't know about it?

I've also been scouring the web for a clue as to how to reproduce this bug. If 
there isn't even a test case how is it going to get fixed? I think making sure 
Debian ,Redhat and Suse dist know there is a problem is important. I'm trying to 
  make sure the correct people at Debian even know about the issue, but I can't 
find a test case or information past a warning. I think it is particularly 
important the the Debian folks are aware of a problem and have a test case, 
because Debian has lots of developer types and is likely to be where it get fixed.

> In fact, my latest tests indicate it works pretty well with Fedora Core
> 3 and their threaded perl. Does it work on other threaded Perls? Don't
> know. But personally I wouldn't subject my online business to the
> uncertainty.

How are you testing it?

> You can put this in your .bashrc for your interchange user:
> At that point, try it out. If it works for you, fine. 

How do I test for the problem?

> We cannot be responsible for the myriad broken Perls put out by
> different Linux distributions. If there is something in Interchange
> which can be identified and needs to be changed, by all means identify
> it and we will change it. But there is nothing on the list right now.

Well -- (how do I say this kindly to perl programmers? (look, I'm biased, I 
think of C as high level (4-10 times the size and time compared to assembly))

You could move the critical parts to a strictly typed compilable language? perl 
is a great quick and dirty way to get things accomplished where speed and 
maintainability are not an issue, but perhaps the daemon and database interface 
should be written in some compilable code? There, I said it. The perl 
programmers probably hate me know - but I've written things in perl myself and 
really just hope to help.

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