[ic] Threaded perl (re: debian bug #203579)

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Sun Feb 27 02:22:35 EST 2005

OK - random-ish segfaults,  hard to track down.

What points to a problem in DBD::MySQL?

Any idea what is happening when it segfaults - a sql write? Read?

Did you see these on just pages or only when placing an order?

(A "don't know" is always a fair answer - if your doctor knows everything you 
are in trouble. If instead he tells you he doesn't know once in a while you 
probably have a good one.)

How long ago were these problems seen?

Has anyone seen them in the last 3 months?

Please, Any test script I can use?

For others following this thread:

I've confirmed that DBD::MySQL is supplied by the libdbi-perl package in Debian.

 From the DBD::mysql man page:

        The multithreading capabilities of DBD::mysql depend completely on the 
underlying C libraries: The modules are working with handle data only, no global 
variables are accessed or (to the best of my knowledge) thread unsafe functions 
are called. Thus DBD::mysql is believed to be completely thread safe, if the C 
libraries are thread safe and you don't share handles among threads.

The obvious question is: Are the C libraries thread safe? In the case of MySQL 
the answer is "mostly" and, in theory, you should be able to get a "yes", if the 
C library is compiled for being thread safe (By default it isn't.) by passing 
the option -with-thread-safe-client to configure. See the section on How to make 
a threadsafe client in the manual.

If I remember correctly - more than a few of these thread bugs were fixed in the 
last year -- If I understand the problem was first seen almost 2 years ago?

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