[ic] Multiple items in the cart not updating incorrectly

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Sun Feb 27 05:15:53 EST 2005

>>> boyerj at wsu.edu 02/17/05 02:49PM >>>

> I am running IC 5.2.0 on RH EL. 
> I have one shopping cart that is acting funny with multiple items
> selected.  The problem shows up when they are looking at the current
> shopping cart.  Whenever more than 1 item is in the shopping cart,
> items below the first one will not allow deletion or changing of
> quantity.  When I change the quantity from the original amount, it
> resets it back to the original quantity when recalculate is pressed.
> When I check to delete it refreshes the screen but the item is still
> there.  I can change the quantity and delete the first item in the
> just fine, but all items below have this problem.  However if I go
> the checkout page everything works fine.  Where would I start looking
> solve this problem?

I've had similar problems in the past...they were triggered by editing
the cart component or the checkout page in the content editor.  Seems
the editor is a bit buggy, and likes to replace [quantity-name] and
[modifier-name somename] tags with quantity0 and somename0,

To fix it, shell in and use your favorite text editor to replace
instances of "quantity0" with "[quantity-name]".  Do the same for other
field names ending in '0'.  This should fix the problem.


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