[ic] missing.html possible bug

Olaf Kolling kolling at w3welt.de
Mon Feb 28 04:20:11 EST 2005

Hello List,

i have a problem with my missing.html.

After some reading here in the maillist i included
[tag op=header]
Status: 404 Not found
Content-type: text/html
in the missing.html to let search engines and users know the requested
page could not be found.
This works fine with the shop front- and backend but today i noticed a
problem wich seem to be a bug in the error-code handling.

I have an area with my stats (awstats) wich is password-protected with
When i now try to enter these pages i get the missing-page wich tells

"error/HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED.html.var" could not be found.

Obviously interchange try's to call a special page for 401
(unauthorized), fails and then calls the 404 (not found)
handling. So my questions:
Is it possible the set a configuration-option to limit the
missing.html to just 404 errors (that's how it should work in the
first place).
Where can i find the code for the handling of http-status-codes?
You can have a look yourself:
The site address is:
The password-protected pages are at:
And lastly this would be a normal "not-found" page:
http://www.kieselsteiner.de/givemeanerror ;-)

    Olaf Kolling


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