[ic] problem with time tag?

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Mon Feb 28 21:38:58 EST 2005

Ron Phipps wrote:

> Can anyone think of a reason why we would see values in the order_date
> column that are some time in the future?  For example today I found two
> orders with the following order_date:
> 20050301 00:15:25
> 20050301 01:47:41
> The current date on the server is:
> Mon Feb 28 17:58:12 PST 2005
> I don't see how the time tag returned a date in the future.

Shooting from the hip, here, I'd say look into locale stuff.
I know [convert_date] can respect locales.  If you are setting
while showing the order date in a receipt page, and it is according
to the visitor's locale, you might see that behavior.

Just a guess (without me doing any actual research).  :-)

-John Young

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