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Sat Jan 8 14:56:14 EST 2005

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> >From: "Glenn McCalley" <techlist at bnetmd.net>
> >I'm getting order numbers assigned to orders that fail (legitimately) at
> >AuthorizeNet.  I thought order numbers weren't assigned until credit card
> >was completed?  The result is it looks like orders are being dropped,
> >actually they were declined, or had AVS problems, or whatever and never
> >really completed.  It's a new store, our first under V5.2.
> >
> >Ripping hair out,
> >Glenn.
> >
> please refer to the readme for 5.2 and check your log_transaction
> http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/whatsnew/51.html
> -akash
Hi there, thanks for the reply.
I have done that as follows:
-    added to, Route main
        "    counter_tid      etc/transaction.number" as the first line in
the route
-    created the transaction.number file in etc, used the form TXN000000
       this value does increment with each order so the counter's working (I
-    placedthe code from the WHATSNEW file in etc/log_transaction
      this is resulting in the following in logs/log
        "Set order number in values: IS001805"
        "Set order number in session: IS001805"
Don't quite understand that yet, I'd thought the purpose of this code was to
use the counter_tid value for the order number until credit card success and
I'd see:
        "...values: TXN000001"
        "... session: IS001805" or some such so maybe I've missed another
step...   still looking...

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