[ic] Gentoo: Different syntax for su command

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Mon Jan 17 01:41:03 EST 2005

Upon installing IC on a new Gentoo box I found that the following does 
not work:

     su -c "/usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange -r" interch (this is 
recommended during install/makecat)

Using this syntax you will get the following:

     "The Interchange server must not be run as root."

instead I needed to use the following syntax:

     su - interch -c "/usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange -r"

Gentoo uses sys-apps/shadow 4.0.5-r2 instead of the shadow-utils package 
you find on Red Hat / Fedora etc.

Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone encounters this problem.

Gary Norton
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