[ic] CC & COD extra charges ?

Niels Svennekjær linux at post10.tele.dk
Thu Jan 27 04:38:57 EST 2005


I have a 5.0.0 system running where extra COD charges does function nicely

Now my client want to add extra charges for Credit cards also, in my 
imagination I just added an extra line in ../products/shipping.asc so I 
have two lines: (and restarted IC)

cod     handling cod    Price   0       9999999999      m {'adder'=> 
"8.00",}          {'PriceDivide' => "1",}
cc      handling cc     Price   0       9999999999      m {'adder'=> 
"0.95",}           {'PriceDivide' => "1",}

On the checkout page :
- the '8' is still added when selected the cod option
- but when selecting cc  nothing is added,  [handling cc] is 0.95, 
[handling] is 0

What did I miss, changes in profile.order (have tryed some changes here 
but no result), are there other places, or is it not possible to make 
extra charges for CC this way ? (how can it easy be made otherwise ?)

- niels

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