[ic] conditionally call mv_form_profile

Tom Hodder tom at ecnow.co.uk
Sat Jan 29 13:08:49 EST 2005


I have a form which uses a;

<select name=country onChange="this.form.submit()">

to update the form if the country select is changed, therefore I don't 
want the form profile to be executed if that is changed, I just want the 
form to update with the new country options.

I had a
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_form_profile  VALUE="new_account_check">

in my form, but this was being executed when the country select was 
changed. So what I want to do is conditionally execute that form profile 
only when the form is submitted via the submit button.

so I removed the mv_form_profile from the form, and added this to the 
submit button code;

                      text="[L]Place Order[/L]"
                      wait-text="-- [L]Wait[/L] --"
                      style="font-weight: bold"

however the NewAccount is called when the button is clicked, but the 
mv_form_profile is not.

I've tried a variety of combinations, such as putting mv_form_profile in 
the NewAccount definition, but nothing seems to be calling it.If I put 
mv_form_profile back in the form, the form works fine, except for when a 
user changes the country in the select, and they get submitted to the 
form profile and get lots of errors.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Tom H

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