[ic] &or syntax in profiles.order

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Mon Jan 31 08:23:13 EST 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 13:03:00 +0000
Sandy Thomson <sandy at scotwebshops.com> wrote:

> Hi list,
> I am trying to make my checkout accept either a valid email address or a 
> phone number as a valid form of contact.
> I do not wish to force a user to enter an email address (if they dont 
> have one).
> Likewise if a user enters an email address a phone number is an extra 
> hassle.
> Ive tried so many different permutations of syntax and also had a good 
> look at Order.pm.
> My profiles.order (works without the &or line):
> __NAME__                            credit_card
> fname=required First Name Required
> lname=required Last Name Required
> zip=required Zip/Post Code Required
> &or email=email,phone_day=phone Please supply a valid email address or 
> phone number
> &fatal = yes
> &set=mv_payment Real-time Credit/Debit Card
> &final = yes
> &setcheck=mv_email [value email]
> __END__

&or and &and are rather tricky, you can try the following solution:

[if cgi email]


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