[ic] Interchange and threaded Perl

Frederik Sørensen frederik at patch.dk
Mon Jun 6 21:45:59 EDT 2005

Ron Phipps wrote:

>The best solution I use and many others use is to install Perl into an
>area just for IC's use.  This perl then is used by IC and is non
>threaded, while the rest of the system can use the threaded perl.  Here
>is a great doc on how to achieve this:
>I use this on a couple high traffic sites and it works well.
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>interchange-users at icdevgroup.org
I have tried to swith to a non threaded perl using that guide but when i 
reinstall interchange i don't get any options to change the perl. 
(debian apt-get) how do i then change the perl version to use? Can it be 
done after install?


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