[ic] calling shipping routines from admin pages / ActionMap

Olaf Kolling kolling at w3welt.de
Mon Mar 7 06:55:00 EST 2005

Hello experts,

i need your help ;-)

For the creation of an product-exportfile i need the shipping cost
for each product-sku.

Is there a way to call the shipping routines from a perl routine
embedded in an admin-page?

I would need all possible shipping methods for the sku in question so
i can then pick the cheapest one to put into the exportfile.
The call should take care of selecting the possible methods (i.e. only
those allowed for a given country, product weight and so on) just like
in the normal store-front.

Maybe a call like this?
%methods = getShipping(sku,'DE');
wich returns a hash with all possible methods:
(waren-->1.50, buch-->2.00, paket-->4.95)
Is there any builtin function or a way to call the normal shipping tag
and supplying all needed params (wich it normaly takes out of the

Thanks in advance...

   Olaf Kolling


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