[ic] issue with using Text::Query in RPC mode

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Thu Mar 10 23:45:52 EST 2005

> Hello,
>         On one of our sites we use the column op 'aq' to do a text
> search using Text::Query.  We noticed that when the server is in RPC
> mode that the search is very unreliable and we see this in the error
> log:
> store /search.html search error: Limit subroutine creation: Bad code:
> syntax error at (eval 397) line 8, near "] aqbax5251 "
> If we restart the server the search works again for a couple refreshes
> and then we see the problem again.  If we start the server in high
> traffic mode the search works reliably.
> The server is running IC 5.0.0, perl 5.8.1 (nonthreaded), MySQL 3.23.58.
> We are starting IC with PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe.
> Any ideas?  This problem is reproducible, so we can test different
> scenarios if need be.
> Thanks,
> -Ron

     Slim chance this is the cause but I'm curious when the search begins
to fail what is your free/total memory and free/total swap space like ?
And is the a busy server ?


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