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Albert Hauck speiseplan_re_mooove_this_ at metabo.de
Wed Mar 16 05:25:53 EST 2005

I totally disagree and I think you miss something really enlightning.
But it is your choice. Most of your statements tell us about your
personality, the small remainder can be completely ignored.

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> I would have to say that your site, your programs, and your knowledge
> of both are so unrealistic its not even funny.  Do you really think
> people can USE your program?  do you really BELIEVE that anybody can
> USE your website?  It took me 15 mins just to find your email, let
> alone find any help.  I can't believe something this horrible even
> exists.  I hope the support for this program, the group, and this site
> have found something better to do with their lives.  I know I have.
> Goodbye.
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