[ic] Manually writing a transaction into database

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Fri Mar 18 04:26:30 EST 2005

Hi Folks,

I have started a new thread as my question has now changed, although I am still
trying to get Worldpay to work. I am now trying to manually write the order
into the database transaction table, however all I am managing to write is the
order number and order date, almost all other fields are blank. I am using the
code below and I have also tried the log_transaction code but neither will
write my transaction table, can anyone suggest why it won't work please?


[seti add_wp]
[tag flag write]transactions[/tag]
[import table=transactions type=LINE continue=NOTES]
code: [scratch mv_order_number]
store_id: __STORE_ID__
order_number: [scratch mv_order_number]
session: [data session id]
username: [data session username]
shipmode: [value mv_shipmode] ([shipping-desc])
shipping: [value shipping noformat=1]
nitems: [nitems]
subtotal: [value subtotal noformat=1]
handling: [value handling noformat=1]
salestax: [value salestax noformat=1]
total_cost: [scratch total_cost]
fname: [value filter=strip name=fname]
lname: [value filter=strip name=lname]
company: [value filter=strip name=company]
address1: [value filter=strip name=address1]
address2: [value filter=strip name=address2]
city: [value filter=strip name=city]
state: [value name=state filter="strip uc"]
zip: [value name=zip filter=word]
country: [value country]
email: [value name=email filter=strip]
phone_day: [value filter=strip name=phone_day]
phone_night: [value filter=strip name=phone_night]
b_company: [value filter=strip name=b_company]
b_fname: [value filter=strip name=b_fname]
b_lname: [value filter=strip name=b_lname]
b_address1: [value filter="strip mac" name=b_address1]
b_address2: [value filter="strip mac" name=b_address2]
b_city: [value filter=strip name=b_city]
b_state: [value filter=strip name=b_state]
b_zip: [value filter=strip name=b_zip]
b_country: [value filter=strip name=b_country]
b_phone: [value filter=strip name=b_phone]
payment_method: [value mv_payment]
payment_mode: [data session payment_mode]
order_id: [data session payment_id]
order_date: [value name=order_date set="[tag time]%Y%m%d %H:%M:%S[/tag]"]
order_ymd: [value name=order_date set="[tag time]%Y%m%d[/tag]"]
order_wday: [value name=order_wday set="[tag time]%u[/tag]"]
status: pending
deleted: 0
archived: 0
complete: 0
comments: [value filter=mac name=gift_note]
affiliate: [data session source]
campaign: [value campaign]
parent: __PARENT__
[catch]<font color=red size=3><b>
<ul>Error importing to database 'transactions'. It was: $ERROR$</b></font></ul>

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