[ic] Using [item-list] on a callpage back??

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Sun Mar 20 18:00:08 EST 2005

> I have almost completed my implementation of Worldpay but I am
> stuck trying to
> use the [item-list] tag on the callback page.
> I send the item-code(s) to the worldpay server using:-
> [item-list]
> <input type=hidden name="MC_item-code[item-increment]"
> value="[item-code]">
> [/item-list]
> So if there are two items with codes os1234 and os5678 they get
> sent as variable
> MC_item-code1=os1234 and MC_item-code2=os5678.
> I can then display these two items on the callback page using:-
> Item1 = [cgi MC_item-code1]
> Item2 = [cgi MC_item-code2]
> What I want to do is use the [item-list] tag on the callback page
> though eg:-
> [item-list]
> [cgi MC_item-code[item-increment]]
> [/item-list]
> In theory this should display the two item codes, it works
> perfectly when the
> page is called from my server with the cgi variables in the
> browser line, but
> when called from Worldpay it returns no item codes. I therefore
> presume that
> [item-list] requires some other variable which I have not sent to
> Worldpay,
> maybe something to do with the cart, can anyone help me out here please??

[item-list] is for looping the cart.

in your callback page, you just need an incrementing number which goes up to
the number of lines in the cart, right?

As has been said before, the WorldPay callback requests a page from IC in a
completely different session and so there are no items in _its_ cart.

Why don't you pass the number of lines in the cart to WorldPay and then use
this with the [loop] tag on your callback page?


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