[ic] Resolved: Secure server - we're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable...

Peter N. interchange at framework.ws
Tue Mar 29 09:54:16 EST 2005

>>> I just set up a 5.2 Foundation catalog.  Everything works fine, except
>>> when I set SECURE_ENABLE to 1 in variable.txt, I can no longer checkout.
>>> As soon as I try to hit the catalog via https, I get the "server is
>>> unavailable" error.
>>> The regular (non-IC) pages on the site work fine via http and https, and
>>> the catalog works fine via http. I've verified that permissions are
>>> identical to all of my other IC 5.2 catalogs (755, owned by catalog
>>> user, using suexec), and and I don't see anything relevant in the apache
>>> or IC log files.

Okaaaayyy. For some reason, THIS site on my server (out of about 10 
sites) requires me to set the sticky bit, whereas none of the others do. 
   I'm stumped, but it's working now.



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