[ic] Usertag - subroutine failed safe check..??

interchange at tvcables.co.uk interchange at tvcables.co.uk
Tue May 17 05:50:31 EDT 2005

Hi folks,

The usertag below is giving the following error message:-

subroutine failed safe check: require trapped by operation mask at (eval 211)
line 2, <config> line 27.

Can anyone suggest why, I have put Xs in for some values and the amount and
order number values are fixed for testing it.


UserTag wgt Order amount order_number
UserTag wgt addAttr
UserTag wgt Version $Id: wgt.tag,v 1.0 2005/05/16 tvcables Exp $
UserTag wgt Routine <<EOR
sub {
use Digest::MD5 qw(&md5_hex);
	my ($amount, $order_number) = @_;
	my $myPin = xxxx; # int, used for producing checksum (see below)
	my $myProgramID = xxx; # int, used to identify sender to our system
	my $myValue = 50; # float, value of transaction eg 5.50
	my $eventID = xxx; # int, number used by our system to identify type of sale
	my $orderReference = "my order reference"; # string
	$orderReference =~ s/([\W])/"%" . uc(sprintf("%2.2x",ord($1)))/ego;
	$orderReference =~ s/%20/+/go;
	# this just means urlencode it
	my $myQueryString = "programid=$myProgramID&value=$myValue&eventid=$eventID" .
	# join PIN and query string to make checksum
	my $myCheckString = "$myPin$myQueryString";
	# make checksum
	my $myCheckSum = md5_hex($myCheckString);

	# print image to page
	print "<img src=\"https://track.webgains.com/transaction.html?$myQueryString" .
"&checksum=$myCheckSum\" alt=\"\" />";


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