[ic] Problem installing ic 5.2 on CentOS v 4.0o

Jeff Fearn jefffearn at gmail.com
Fri May 27 04:32:34 EDT 2005

On 5/27/05, Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org> wrote:
> On 05/26/2005 11:31 PM, Ulf Holt wrote:
> Then when you install the interchange rpm file rpm may still complain
> about missing those dependancies.  Unfortunately that's because RPM is
> broken on centos 4 and it doesn't check perl modules properly.  What you
> will need to do is verify that each module that it is complaining about
> has been installed (make absolutely ceartain of this) then proceed to
> install the rpm with the --nodeps switch.

Just to nit pick, this behaviour does not indicate that RPM is broken.
RPM only checks to see if a module has been installed via RPM. It does
not, and should not, verify that anything has been installed any other
way, such as installing via CPAN or from source.

There are tools for creating RPMs from CPAN sources, such as cpan2rpm,
however unless you are running a network with a yum repo it's probably
overkill to bother doing that.

Yes, I have lost many brain cells creating such a yum repo ... grrrr


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