[ic] Database transaction?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue May 31 12:32:23 EDT 2005

Quoting T. Stoffels (tstoffels at gmail.com):
> I just was pointed towards a different, imho more simple  approach:
> I just do the begin..query..query..commit/rollback stuff myself =)
> --
> [tmp mysqlresult_begin][query sql=|begin work|][/query][/tmp]
> [tmp mysqlresult_del1][query sql=|delete ...|][/query][/tmp]
> [tmp mysqlresult_del2][query sql=|delete ...|][/query][/tmp]
> 			[if type=explicit compare=" 
> 				$Scratch->{mysqlresult_begin} == 1 && 
> 				$Scratch->{mysqlresult_del1} == 1 && 
> 				$Scratch->{mysqlresult_del2} == 1  
> 			"]
> 				[query sql=|commit|][/query]
> 				everything deleted
> 			      [else]do rollbackhere [/else]
> 			[/if]

This won't work for a number of reasons.

First, you need to have [query row-count=1 ....] or [query list=1 ....][sql-
code][/query] to get a row count back.

Second, unless you set AutoCommit to 0 in the database configuration,
you won't be in transactions mode and your commit won't do anything.

IMHO, using the [query ...] ITL tag for setting database values is not
a good idea. It doesn't give you the kind of control you need. It is
better to either use DBI or to use Interchange's supplied methods
(set_slice, delete_record, etc.).

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