[ic] Items Options update in Admin UI fails silently

Nigel Titley nigel at titley.com
Wed Nov 2 16:06:44 EST 2005

Hillary Corney wrote:

> Hi all,
> Debian Woody non-threaded perl
> When I upgraded from 4.8 to 5.2 I lost all the options in the product  
> Items list even the options column disappeared.
> Tying to recover the situation is proving very frustrating :-(
> I have searched the FAQ's and this list without finding any useful  
> info except that I was using the Admin UI as intended.
> The options TAB brings up a menu which has radio buttons for
> None
> Matrix
> old 4.8 options
> simple
> Update
> selecting any of these buttons and clicking update has no effect the  
> form blinks and reappears with the same radio buttons with "None"  
> selected
> There are no errors in any of the the logs at all,
> The only thing that has happened is the options column has appeared  
> in the items list with every option for every item set at none and  
> clicking it brings you back to the failing options update page.
> Can anyone suggest what I should look for as I cannot see where the  
> problem lies.
I have similar problems, reported in this list some 4 weeks ago. I have 
not managed to fix the problem, and eventually in desperation reworked 
my site not to use options. I likewise got no errors  in any log. I'm 
pleased to see someone else getting the same problem, as I thought I was 
going mad.

I too would welcome suggestions.


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