[ic] Filter tag acts different in store vs Test code

Paul Jordan jordan at gishnetwork.com
Wed Nov 2 21:57:43 EST 2005

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> Paul Jordan [paul at gishnetwork.com] wrote:
>> Why when running this
>> 	[filter op="decode_entities 12.
> encode_entities"]<script> [{Hi}]
>> </script> [/filter]
>> in the Demo Admin "Test code" I get source as expected:
>> 	&lt;script&gt; &#91;{H...
>> However when running that same code in the Demo standard store I get:
>> 	<script> [{H...
>> Upon a View Source.
> Do you have any error.log messages that look something
> similar to the following?
>     Unknown filter 'encode_entities'
> If so then check Interchange's code/Filter directory to see
> if there's an "encode_entities.filter" file.  If the file is
> present then check its permissions and make sure it's not empty etc.
> The above only applies to Interchange 5.3;  In Interchange
> 5.2, that filter is coded into the Vend::Interpolate module,
> rather than loaded from a Filter file.

Hi Kevin,

Yes, I am on 5.3 actually and both encode and decode entities are there and
the perms are fine. No log output. 

The question sent to the list was simplified because I wanted to check out
the issue on the icdevgroups demo site. Those two above instances were on
the demo admin and demo store.

 Paul Jordan

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