[ic] Odd behavioir when adding items to cart

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Nov 10 12:49:15 EST 2005

I'm a bit confused at IC's behavior when one attempts to add items to
the cart from a results page by typing in a quantity and then pressing
the Enter key.

This behavior can be seen on the icdevgroup live demo page:

1) Search for the term hammer
2) Type in 1 for the qty for item Modeling Hammer then press Enter

Instead of adding the item I wanted to the cart, IC adds the Framing
Hammer. Perhaps this is because the Framing Hammer is the first item on
the list. This will eventually result in people placing orders for
things they don't want.

If you click the buy button instead of pressing Enter, all seems well.
Can this odd behavior be changed, or at least have no action take place
when Enter is pressed thus requiring the buy button to be clicked?


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