[ic] [more] list's form attribute

Jure Kodzoman jure at plsavez.hr
Wed Nov 23 18:10:49 EST 2005

Hy list,

I have a strange problem using [more] lists. When i pass only one cgi
value it all works fine

ie. form="drustvo=[sql-param code]"

but when I try to use more than one...

form="drustvo=[sql-param code]&chooseimg=[scratch kuca]"

& becomes %26 so it doesnt send correct values (it merges the two into
one: "drustvo=pd%2ddubovac%26chooseimg%3d65"

Is this a bug, or I just don't see a solution? 
Using more than one cgi value works in [page] just ok, so I guess it
could be done somehow in [query] and [loop] too

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