[ic] No pictures in admin

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Nov 28 05:13:00 EST 2005

> New install, 5.3.2, on Linux. Installed as root, using user interch.
> Interchange installed in default directory : /usr/local/interchange
> Standard catalog demo works fine, shows pictures fine.
> However, when clicking on "admin", although the page loads, there are no 
> colors and no pictures, and the layout looks screwy.

> Any ideas where the problem might be?
> Where are the picture / css files for admin? (Or where SHOULD they be?)

You might need to create a symbolic link to the admin UI images dir, or 
perhaps copy the directory to the web dir root.
Particularly if using SSL in admin. (UI_SECURE       1)
Depending on the stores locale the images and css will be somewhere like: 

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