[ic] RE: standard demo admin UI entry page-"blank" error for PO and check methods

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Oct 19 10:49:45 EDT 2005

Quoting Kirk Goudy (kirk at goudy.net):
> > From: Kirk Goudy [mailto:kirk at goudy.net] 
> >
> > Why does the STANDARD demo admin UI complain about blanks for 
> > the payment method of purchase order and online check? 
> > http://demo.icdevgroup.org/i/demo1/admin/entry.html
> > 
> >  po_number: blank
> > 
> It looks like line 1048 of dist/lib/UI/pages/admin/entry.html could be
> changed. It fixes the admin entry and doesn't seem break the checkout page.
>  FROM:
>                 <INPUT NAME=project_id VALUE="[value project_id]" SIZE=14>
>  TO:
>                 <INPUT NAME=project_id VALUE="[value po_number]" SIZE=14>
> The Standard and Foundation demo's both use the value po_number in their
> order profiles.
> > The online check also pretends the check_account and 
> > check_routing are blank.
> It looks like line 977-987 of dist/lib/UI/pages/admin/entry.html could be
> changed.

Yes, thank you very much. I have committed the fixes to CVS.

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