[ic] [perl tables=tiers] producing error: Table TIERS not found in databases

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Tue Sep 6 16:52:16 EDT 2005

> XqDN4Atc: - [05/September/2005:20:49:15 
> -0700] mmb2c /cgi-bin/mmb2c/ATT-217M-13-NNN-02 Table TIERS not found in 
> databases
> XqDN4Atc: - [05/September/2005:20:49:15 
> -0700] mmb2c /cgi-bin/mmb2c/ATT-217M-13-NNN-02 Runtime error: Can't use 
> an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at (eval 138) line 50.
> It seems to happen everytime on the flypage which is where I have:
> [tmp page_title]__COMPANY__ -- [item-code][/tmp]
> [tmp members_only][/tmp]
> [perl tables=products][/perl]
> [perl tables=tiers][/perl]
> [control reset=1]
> Barry

just to verify....the table "tiers" exists (in that exact case, if you're using mysql), 
and IC has been set up to use it, right?  as in, is it specified in a .mysql file somewhere
or in catalog.cfg?


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