[ic] UI's Create New Item unique sku

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Mon Sep 12 11:54:54 EDT 2005

I'm trying to verify that the unique SKU check in the UI's "Create  
New Item" actually works.

It seems that upon first opening this page for a new item, a SKU is  
automatically generated, and the little iFrame says "No." Mv_metadata  
says that "No" means "Key is available." When changing the SKU and  
hitting Tab, the iFrame changes to "Yes," which means "Key exists!"

The iframe says "Yes" no matter what SKU I enter -- whether existing  
or not. It only says "No" upon the first page access.

I think this is a bug. I would try to fix it, but the admin is a bit  
scary, as I checked the source of item_edit.html and there's hardly  
anything there. Grepping for "poke_iframe" located the code in  
mv_metadata (even scarier).

Josh Lavin
Kingdom Design   http://www.kingdomdesign.com/

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