[ic] Upgrading Interchange 4.8 to 5.2

Curt Hauge ictech at mnwebdesign.com
Sun Sep 18 17:11:52 EDT 2005

danfisher at bwkip.com asked:

> I have read quite a bit of documentation of people trying to upgrade 4.8
> and other versions to the 5.2.  If anyone has a minute could you clarify
> on how the eaisest way to go about doing this would be?  If anyone knows
> of an actual upgrade documentation somewhere please point me to it.

Well, I have done it, but not sure if there is any info in the archives at
icdevgroup.org or not.

Make sure you have the correct version of perl installed somewhere, some
functions won't work without it. I would install 5.2 first in a new folder
called /ic5 (instead of /ic, so you can run both old and new at same time),
run makecat (making sure you are using the newer perl version) and created a
new catalog called test1, then copy over all pages, products, etc. from the
existing catalog/website.
Make sure to view the field count in all tables, as you will have to add
some fields to some tables. I know for sure these tables have added fields,
there may be others:

You may want to consider adding the new fields to your existing catalog
also, so when it is time to go live, you can copy over all tables at once
and be ready to just turn it on.
After you copy over your CATROOT/products/variables.txt you will have to
change the catalog naming to 'CATROOT/test1' and the '/ic' to '/ic5' inside
that file and then restart the /ic5 server.
Get this 'test1' copy running to your liking, make sure and test everything
twice ;)
Once you have 'test1' catalog running exactly like you want it, change the
cat name in variables.txt back to the original name and stop the interchange
server running in /ic and restart the one running in /ic5.

There is definitely some fiddling around but it can be done. You may also
want to check out the multi-page checkout in the mike demo, it is very nice
if you like multi-page checkouts.

Good luck!

Curt Hauge
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