[ic] Sales Tax empty until receipt

Mark bmhtdev at adeux.net
Tue Apr 4 17:40:36 EDT 2006

Kevin Walsh wrote:
>Try setting MV_COUNTRY_TAX_VAR to "country", or to the name of the
>form value that Interchange should use to determine which country
>the user is from.  "country" is the default, by the way.

OK - I have this working by adding the following to catalog.cfg:

ValuesDefault   country      __SHIP_DEFAULT_COUNTRY__
ValuesDefault   mv_shipmode  __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__

TaxInclusive    1

SalesTax        __TAXFIELD__
TaxShipping     __TAXSHIPPING__

However this has created some new problems:

1. With __SHIP_DEFAULT_COUNTRY__ set to UK the select state form field (ie
UK counties) disappears from the express checkout page.  By selecting
another country and then changing back to UK clears the problem, but there
must be something I can do to stop the state field disappearing in the first

2. This will work if the buyer selects UK.  If I want to charge the same
sales tax to all countries, is there any way to have a multi category VAT
system other than copying the tax type and tax data to every country entry.

Thanks in advance


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