[ic] THEME_CSS regenerate

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Apr 5 15:57:44 EDT 2006

Quoting Steve Graham (icdev at mrlock.com):
> Hello list,
> IC 5.4
> What is the best way to regenerate theme_css.css in the html space?
> I notice that if I delete the file it is regenerated on the first 
> call due to the UserTag css.tag.
> But, it appears to be regenerated from the cached copy of THEME_CSS.
> Should I delete the file, and then do a hard IC restart or is a apply 
> changes sufficient?

If you are in RPC or high traffic mode, you will get the value of
the THEME_CSS variable.

That can be changed, though -- it depends on the call to the [css ..]

If you use:

	[css name=THEME_CSS basefile="variables/THEME_CSS"]

it should be regenerated by the file.

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