[ic] Can you install you programme on a Mac

rolf.kurt at macupgrade.de rolf.kurt at macupgrade.de
Mon Apr 24 03:52:08 EDT 2006

Am 24.04.2006 um 07:47 schrieb Tor Moltu:

> Dear sirs:
> I am seeking to build a e-trade element into my web-page, and have  
> been
> advised to try to build a store as the one in your demo. I do,  
> however, work
> on a Mac and do not seem to be able to install the product.

I have Interchange running on a powerbook G4 for years, without  
So please give us more details what went wrong with your Interchange  

If you have only some articles to sell, I think Interchange isn't the  
right choice.

> Of other products we use, are Adobe GoLive and Fetch, which we use to
> communicate with our server. The net site is http://www.proexpo.no
> I am located in Bergen, Norway and am going to attempt to sell  
> water filters
> over the net.
> Please advise
> kind regards,
> Tor Moltu
> e-mail : gmolt at online.no
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