[ic] Strange behavior with [value-extended] tag

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Tue Aug 15 11:06:47 EDT 2006

IC 5.4.1

I'm using the [value-extended] tag in the results page to build 
searches.  The tag is returning varying results Dependant on whether or 
not I am logged in as the administrator.  Example.

I have this code in results.html

a=[value-extended name=mv_search_field index=0]
b=[value-extended name=mv_search_field index=1]

When I am logged in as an administrator I get this....


When I am not logged in I get this...


I am using an ActionMap and then reading the CGI variables to build 
searches.  When I click on a link that takes me to an ActionMap page, 
everything is fine regardless of whether or not I am logged in as an 
administrator. Once I start to use a search that is built on the CGI 
variables the problem starts to occur.  For example, here is a search in 
a page...

<a href="[area search=|
to=[value-extended name=mv_sort_option index=0]
mm=[value mv_max_matches]
ml=[value mv_matchlimit]

sf=[value-extended name=mv_search_field index=0]
se=[value-extended name=mv_searchspec index=0]
op=[value-extended name=mv_column_op index=0]
nu=[value-extended name=mv_numeric index=0]

sf=[value-extended name=mv_search_field index=1]
se=[value-extended name=mv_searchspec index=1]
op=[value-extended name=mv_column_op index=1]
nu=[value-extended name=mv_numeric index=1]

|]">Sort By Price</a>

It works when I am logged in as an administrator but if I am not logged 
in it fails on the second click because the [value-extended] tag returns 
the arrayref rather than the array value.

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