[ic] freebsd IC blank pages and premature end of script headers

Bill Beecham bill_beecham at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 19 20:35:37 EDT 2006

Hey all,

Using freebsd 5.5 and have interchange installed. No problems with perl, 
mysql, etc. However, when I go to my main page and click on enter customer 
entrance all I get is a blank page. My error log shows premature end of 
script headers. The IC error log shows no errors. As far as I can tell all 
is well except that error and the blank pages. The admin section works, 
well.. as well as it can until I set up the secure cert but I can do alot in 
there. If I enter into the url (I'm no newbie to IC, been using it for years 
with no troubles until this new server setup) a product that doesn't exist I 
can surely see the page and the logo and everything... but try to go to a 
reg page and it is all blank. I tried to go to browse and it is blank. Go to 
a specific product that exists and it is blank.

Important note, this is the stock foundation catalog. Just got done setting 
it all up so I need to modify everything to show my store I will create, but 
the newly installed and created foundation just keps showing empty pages.

If you need specific info to help me please tell me what you need and how to 
get it. Example: I need to know where your perl is, just type 'which perl' 
at your root user prompt.

I'm no newbie, but I'm no guru either. Just tell me what ya wanna know 
followed by how to get that info and I will post it.

I'm tearin my hair out because the icdevgroup list doesn't seem to have an 
answer for my problem after days of combing through it.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Beecham

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