[ic] Re: ALERT: bad pipe signal received for /page.html

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Dec 12 00:12:24 EST 2006

"Music" <music at labyrinth.net.au> wrote:
> ifdef TRAFFIC =~ /rpc/i
> Message RPC traffic settings.
> PreFork             Yes
> StartServers        5
> MaxServers          0
> MaxRequestsPerChild 100
> HouseKeeping        2
> PIDcheck            120
> ChildLife 30 minutes
> endif
> I also tried disabling ChildLife and PreFork and increasing start servers.
> All with no joy.
> 'Applying Changes' to one catalogue puts the Interchange daemon into faulty 
> state.
> No errors are displayed in IC error.log, catalog error.log nor apache error 
> logs.
> Just thought I would document this on the list to see if any feedback etc.
Just as an experiment, could you reduce the ChildLife to 60 (1 minute),
restart Interchange and reproduce the problem.  I suspect that the problem
will clear itself within one minute.

If that happens then we know that the problem is probably in Interchange
itself, rather than than in Interchange::Link.

The thinking is that the "apply changes" (or whatever), causes one of
the Interchange children to throw its toys out of its pram.  The constant
refreshes then causes the naughty child to receive a request every now
and again, resulting in a moody page.

One thing that may debunk my theory is your assertion that the problem
still occurs when PreFork is switched off.  Can you check that again
for me.

I'm afraid I don't have an Interchange::Link setup to play with.  If
someone wants to allow me some time on their machine, and a guaranteed
way to reproduce the problem, I'm sure I could track it down reasonably

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