[ic] Image Upload / Imagehelper Widget

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Wed Dec 20 22:17:59 EST 2006

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, Cameron B. Prince wrote:

>> Ok, I just checked a site where we have this working. It's using the 
>> imagehelper widget with the standard nullselect filter, and that's it. 
>> The first option is "(none)", and I see that code in 
>> code/Widget/imagehelper.widget. Perhaps upgrading to the latest IC, or 
>> at least that widget, would work for you. Or even just backporting the 
>> "(none)" first option code.
> What do you have in the Directory meta field for the widget? It looks 
> like that is what is triggering the select box based on this:
> if($path =~ s!/\*(?:\.([^/]+))?$!!) {

Nothing in a "Directory" field, but the "outboard" field is 
a simple "/path/to/images/*".


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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