[ic] IC 5.4 Multi-page checkout

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Feb 17 10:44:22 EST 2006

>something must not be set properly in the session.
>Any suggestions?

I finally found the section of code at the beginning of shipmode.html
I had to edit the file with a text editor, since the code i needed 
was not visible in the UI content editor.

For some reason total_weight is not set properly, even though there 
is weight in the cart.


[if !scratch total_weight]
         [set num]0[/set]
                 [if scratch num <= 1]
                                         [if value mv_same_billing]
                                         [set finalize_back]ord/shipping[/set]
                                         [set finalize_back]ord/billing[/set]
                                         [bounce page=ord/finalize]
                                         [set finalize_back]ord/shipmode[/set]

the above code bouces to the finalize page to avoid shipping errors 
messages when nothing is in tht cart.

Still investigating....


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